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Supporting quality Dryer services in Tri-State area of CT, NY, MA.

Lint Guard Pro, We strive to provide our customers with the most positive service experience possible. Lint Guard Pro Cleaning specializes strictly in the cleaning aspect of the clothes dryer industry. We are very familiar with how systems work and if any present or potential problems are spotted during our cleaning we will always let the customer know.


Lint Guard Pro uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to remove built-up debris. Our dryer vent cleaning tools' abrasiveness can be adjusted to the correct settings to ensure we do not damage your dryer vent. Our tools are also flexible enough to make it through the difficult turns, connection pieces to ensure every accessible part of the system is thoroughly cleaned.


Our outstanding reputation has been built upon our ability to always be on time, to get the job done within the estimated time frame, to be respectful of the customers’ special requests, taking precautions to ensure nothing gets damaged during the setup and cleaning process and always leaving the workspace cleaner than when we arrived. Whether you need your dryer vent cleaned, install, or inspect Lint Guard Pro is here to help. Lint Guard Pro is fully licensed and insured.

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